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Tableau Photography


This image was inspired by a dream I had during a rough time in my life recently. I don’t remember the entire dream, but I know I was feeling as if I was able to let go of various feelings and emotions I’d be set free. I have a friend who always says, “Don’t be afraid to dance on the water.” I think that the combination of my feelings and that phrase caused my dream, and in turn, inspired this photograph.



I’m not really sure of the inspiration for this photograph. I really love the golden color of corn fields put up against a blue sky in the fall. I guess I wanted to experiment with a figure in a position that will make the viewer create their own narrative as to what is happening. I also liked the idea of having bright, primary color balloons that contrast with the dead fields.


This house has been standing in my backyard ever since I can remember. For some reason, my family doesn’t take it down, even though we have no young kids. I wanted to experiment with use of my external flash, set off during the long exposure of my camera. I thought the light would just stream out the cracks of the house, however, I happily realized that the walls are pretty thin, giving the house an eerie sort of glow.